12 October 2011

Next in line: STOLENSHOTS

Genre: SKA
From: Legazpi City, Albay

Gerald "Prime" Ramo - Vocals
Leo "Ley" Otilano - Lead Guitar
Jhoezen "Joe" Perez - Rhythm Guitar
Mark Kevin "Mang Kevin" Arocco - Guitar (active)
Christian "Ian" Figuerras - Bass Guitar
Carlo "Jimiclif" Aycocho - Drums
Ryan "skataba" Pasamba - Trombone
Darwin "Papa Dar" Flores - Trombone
Archangel "Archie" Pantoja - Trumpet
Irle "Payril" Sabdao- Trumpet

27 September 2011

             Carmen Camacho is one of the Philippine Divas in 60's along with Norma Ledesma, Norma Balagtas and Pilita Corrales. Born in 1939, she recorded her first record in early 60's and some of it were Kapuspalad ng Isinilang and Nagkamali ako but most of her recordings were under the Villar records.

            This song was sung by Carmen Camacho, a Bikolana singer with title Si Nanay, Si Tatay ( Mother, Father). An Original Bikolano Music (OMB)

 Another song from Carmen Camacho entitled "Sa Babayon nin Sisiran"

Potenciano Gregorio Sr.(The Man Behind Sarung Banggi)

             Potenciano Gregorio Sr. a bicolano musician was born in Li-bog (now Sto. Domingo town in the 3rd District of Albay) on May 19, 1880, and died on February 12, 1939 in Honolulu due to pneumonia and was buried here in Philippines at the La Loma cemetery. He is the son of  Narciso Gregorio and Canuta Valladolid. At early age he learned to play the violin and was soon recognized his talent. And soon he started to play the bandurria,the guitar and piano. Shortly, he started writing music for the local church by himself and sometimes in collaboration with his older brother Bernardo who manage the local Band de Li-bog. And soon Potenciano became the bandmaster  of the same band until he joined the Philippine Constabulary Band in 1919.

            It is claimed that Mr. Gregorio wrote the Sarung Banggi song when he saw 17 years old but there were different story versions on this matter. The former town Mayor, Hilario Balilo stated that Potenciano wrote the music and the lyrics of the song one night  after when he heard the chirping of birds and the rustling of the leaves. This version of the story was based from the Justo Gregorio, nephew of Potenciano. However, the grandson of Potenciano, Resurrection Gregorio claimed that the song was written during the 1897 Mayon Volcano eruption and was dedicated to Potenciano's fiancee' Dominga Duran, whom he later married.

                Then, Potenciano Gregorio sold the rights to the song to Constantino de Guzman. Aside from this he also wrote the songs Pusong Tagub nin Sakit ( Heart filled with sufferings) and Hinuyop-huyop nin Diyos.

                Mr. Potenciano was also invited to compete with other musicians during the Golden Gate International Exposition 1938.

Sarung Banggi by Mabuhay Singers 

               Sarung banggi (One Evening), one of the famous song of the Bicol Region composed by Potenciano Gregorio Sr.

03 September 2011

The Sleeping Experiment

        A sleeping giant, a perfect portrait for Serafin who seems to engrossed with deciphering all the technical jargon that makes up six stringed sanctuaries. But for what? A doubting questions that a party band cannot seem to answer properly for exciting the dough.

       Upon meeting Ahmad, it was automatic yes. Froilan is counting his age. You can't help it if you are in your late twenties and you've been teaching Christian values ( to think that music is really his first love aside from the string of marmalade that went in and out of his sticky fingers) to hormone driven creatures. What else to do?  I know, he said. Cheesy, but first love never dies Matt- with his "who-the-hell-cares-as-long-as-there's-alcohol" charisma makes him the perfect epitome of coolness to balance the clean guy image of the three. He has practically grown in the smoked filled caverns of entertainment, molding him into one fuck of a beat boy, trading his expertise on some cringe worthy show bands to double thumping metal dudes, he learned the trade and learned it well, and this is just another venue. The itch just won't go away it was like a vacuum sucking the sanity for the hell of it. So, Ahmad, being the neurotic poet that he is resorted to another catastrophe he thinks will be the cure to all these self- imposed disorders. That's catastrophe is now called "THE PEPSI PALOMA EXPERIMENT."

Coming into Light 

       Every musician either a group or bands has many ups and downs to be faced in their chosen careers. I may never know the stories behind their success yet I know seeing their group still in tact makes me conclude how strong they become in their personal struggles.

       Along with the growing numbers of Bikolano Bands in the region, their music become so attractive to the ears of the young generations. Once, I heard their songs on the cellphones of my friends, sung and played with guitars on the corridors of our school. Even I,  during my  high school days of wandering all alone to malls after class was once stop and stay on the activity center when I heard their band performing on stage, without knowing that it was actually the Pepsi Paloma perfoming.

       What's in their music that the young people get hook-up with? I don't know what is their secret recipes on their songs. Yet for me, as a listener I could say that their songs has souls, and heart that could capture the emotions of the younger generations. Their music is with the flow of the latest music genre, yet the music of their songs is at time going against the current.

Pepsi Paloma Experiment Bio is courtesy of myspace.
Check out their songs Pyrothenics, and Kahon on myspace too.

28 August 2011

First Featured Band

            It takes me more than a week to think of my next blog post here and at last I have thought of something worth blogging for. Obviously, for the first in my one month of creating pots in this blog, this is the first time I don't cram and don't actually rely on the enchantments of the google magic! (Clap,Clap, Clap) But let's take the truth I can never create a post in this blog without sources. So, I just want to thank myspace for making my work a little bit of heaven.

             I think I must end the talking-to-myself moment, and introduce to you my feature Bikolano Band for the Week. Yes, for the week and it means that every week I have a different feature band and within that week you will know all the things that you got to know about the Bikolano musicians whether you hate or love the band/singer or the music that they are creating, well it's on you. I have been thinking if ever I don't have a band or a musician to be featured here in my blog anymore. Then, maybe I have to update and discover more of the Bikolano talent or musicians to be featured here.(Whoa, I never thought of myself discovering a talent and that's idea is amazing, very amazing indeed!) Well, I'm sure Bikolano talents specifically in music has no end,so as the love for music right? So, I'm sure that time would never come that I had no featured musician for the week.Here I am again, more talk less action. I guess I have to start introducing my very first featured Bikolano band.

              I have been their fan ever since I was in high school, a sophomore to be exact. They were introduced to me by my older sister, who's a band fanatic and love to watch the band fest every year. She always giggled whenever this band, take the stage and start to sing their song because of the good-looking and warm voice of the vocalist. I started to love their songs when I was a senior high school and of all their songs, Rehab is my favorite. It's because every time I turned on the radio it's the song that was keep on playing by the radio station that I've been tuning on and that's the only song I know from the band but it really hit me through my heart whenever I heard them,really! Anyway, here they are. My most fave Bikolano band aside from the Mudflow band - The Pepsi Paloma Experiment!

The pictorial: The Pepsi Paloma Band during their pictorial at Musicmax Philippines


        Ahmad Sonheil Tanji - Vocals
            Serafin Timog III -  Guitars
            Froilan Tena - Bass
            Matt Rapirap - Drums

         Genre: Alternative/Indie/ Pop
            Location: Legazpi City, Albay PH


23 August 2011

As what I’ve said on my previous blog post many emerging groups has been known for their music, even solo musician is being recognized by the public. And now here are the few who are making their name recognized in the Bicol region.

Who would ever forget the Black Gulaman?

Buckyard Boyz?


Idle Pitch?

Pandora’s Box?


Pepsi Paloma Experiment?

and Stolenshots?

14 August 2011

The Bikolano Musicians

             Today the essence of the Bikol Folk Songs are still alive in most of the regions, the songs can be heard on the “baraylihan” or social dance of a village for old ages (known in the Legazpi City as Misis Misis or Mrs- Mrs) because normally the attendants of the Misis-Misis are the old housewives and husbands wearing their best attires. Yet now the new generation has become more influenced by the Western and American culture and chooses to listen frequently on foreign music and losing interest to Bikol music.

            So, as the way of living has evolved into new era the music industry of the Bikolano  is also making its way to be recognize all over the Philippine archipelago. From solo performer with an accompaniment of guitar, now the bikolano musicians grab their drums, electric guitars, keyboards and formed themselves a band. Creating music like the famous Maroon Five, The Click Five, Guns ‘N Roses, Metallica, Aerosmith and the likes, to give birth to the new music industry of the Bikol Region.

            Bikolano musicians are now penetrating the national recording studios and be known  for their own music. Mudflow band is the best example. 

            And for the past years the provincial and local government of Albay is organizing band fest yearly to recognize and show the talent of the Bikolanos in music and performing group giving music, a soul. From these yearly band fest, many potential groups emerged that would rock both the local and national, and if lucky maybe we’ll be seeing them rocking the international music industry.