03 September 2011

The Sleeping Experiment

        A sleeping giant, a perfect portrait for Serafin who seems to engrossed with deciphering all the technical jargon that makes up six stringed sanctuaries. But for what? A doubting questions that a party band cannot seem to answer properly for exciting the dough.

       Upon meeting Ahmad, it was automatic yes. Froilan is counting his age. You can't help it if you are in your late twenties and you've been teaching Christian values ( to think that music is really his first love aside from the string of marmalade that went in and out of his sticky fingers) to hormone driven creatures. What else to do?  I know, he said. Cheesy, but first love never dies Matt- with his "who-the-hell-cares-as-long-as-there's-alcohol" charisma makes him the perfect epitome of coolness to balance the clean guy image of the three. He has practically grown in the smoked filled caverns of entertainment, molding him into one fuck of a beat boy, trading his expertise on some cringe worthy show bands to double thumping metal dudes, he learned the trade and learned it well, and this is just another venue. The itch just won't go away it was like a vacuum sucking the sanity for the hell of it. So, Ahmad, being the neurotic poet that he is resorted to another catastrophe he thinks will be the cure to all these self- imposed disorders. That's catastrophe is now called "THE PEPSI PALOMA EXPERIMENT."

Coming into Light 

       Every musician either a group or bands has many ups and downs to be faced in their chosen careers. I may never know the stories behind their success yet I know seeing their group still in tact makes me conclude how strong they become in their personal struggles.

       Along with the growing numbers of Bikolano Bands in the region, their music become so attractive to the ears of the young generations. Once, I heard their songs on the cellphones of my friends, sung and played with guitars on the corridors of our school. Even I,  during my  high school days of wandering all alone to malls after class was once stop and stay on the activity center when I heard their band performing on stage, without knowing that it was actually the Pepsi Paloma perfoming.

       What's in their music that the young people get hook-up with? I don't know what is their secret recipes on their songs. Yet for me, as a listener I could say that their songs has souls, and heart that could capture the emotions of the younger generations. Their music is with the flow of the latest music genre, yet the music of their songs is at time going against the current.

Pepsi Paloma Experiment Bio is courtesy of myspace.
Check out their songs Pyrothenics, and Kahon on myspace too.

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