14 August 2011

The Bikolano Musicians

             Today the essence of the Bikol Folk Songs are still alive in most of the regions, the songs can be heard on the “baraylihan” or social dance of a village for old ages (known in the Legazpi City as Misis Misis or Mrs- Mrs) because normally the attendants of the Misis-Misis are the old housewives and husbands wearing their best attires. Yet now the new generation has become more influenced by the Western and American culture and chooses to listen frequently on foreign music and losing interest to Bikol music.

            So, as the way of living has evolved into new era the music industry of the Bikolano  is also making its way to be recognize all over the Philippine archipelago. From solo performer with an accompaniment of guitar, now the bikolano musicians grab their drums, electric guitars, keyboards and formed themselves a band. Creating music like the famous Maroon Five, The Click Five, Guns ‘N Roses, Metallica, Aerosmith and the likes, to give birth to the new music industry of the Bikol Region.

            Bikolano musicians are now penetrating the national recording studios and be known  for their own music. Mudflow band is the best example. 

            And for the past years the provincial and local government of Albay is organizing band fest yearly to recognize and show the talent of the Bikolanos in music and performing group giving music, a soul. From these yearly band fest, many potential groups emerged that would rock both the local and national, and if lucky maybe we’ll be seeing them rocking the international music industry.

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